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Side Entry Ball Valve


  • Trunnion Mounted
  • Soft, metal or composite seated.
  • Two or three piece body.
  • Bi-directional tight shut-off.
  • Double block & bleed.
  • Fire safe and fire tested.
  • Bolted or fully welded construction.
  • Low operating torque design.
  • Wide range of materials and sizes.
  • Trunnion mounted with spring energized seats.
  • Anti-blowout stem design.


The large use of forgings and the independent spring or bellows loaded floating seats which are always in contact with the ball, make these valves the preferred solution for various demanding applications like Cryogenic, High Temperature, Low Emission, ESD / HIPPS and Sub Sea. Suitable to be used in the most severe services such as scraper launcher and receiver and hot tapping, our valves can be equipped with bellow seals, steam flushing ports and protected bearings, to cope with medium/high amounts of solids like tar sands or catalysts. These products receive approvals from the major End Users and Contractors and are designed to meet SIL3 requirements according to IEC 61508. Additionally, the double or triple stem seal design (with lip seals or O-rings or optionally with leak off chambers for predictive maintenance) allows to meet and exceed the most stringent Low Fugitive Emissions Norms (ISO 15848) making our valves suitable to handle toxic or lethal fluid services. The design is based on high quality forged or cast materials and meet all requirements of Very Severe Service applications. The independent spring or bellows loaded floating seats which are always in contact with the ball provide an effective tight seal even at low differential pressures. Seating elements can be soft, metal or composite.


  • Well-Head; Flow-Lines
  • Pipeline Valves
  • Riser-ESDV
  • Scraper Trap isolation
  • Process Valves
  • SSIV
  • ROV
  • Sub-sea
  • Cryogenic
  • Low-temp
  • Hot tapping
  • Inching
  • Scraper - trap
  • Switching valves
  • Metering valves
  • Quick closing (below 1 sec)
  • Oil Sand Slurry
  • Hi-Temperature
  • Buried / Underground Valves

  From -253C to 650C (from -423F to 1200F)  

NPS 1/2" through 60" (DN 15 through DN 1500) - (20000 FOR TOP ENTRY)
Pressure Rating
ANSI CLASS 150 through 2500 and 4500
API 2000 through 15000
End Connections
ANSI Flanges:
ANSI B16.5 for sizes up to 24"
ANSI B16.47 for sizes 26" and larger
Compact Flanges: NORSOK L-005
Hub Connectors: all major hub end design available
Welding Ends:
Butt Welding to ANSI B16.25 or equivalent
Socket Welding to ASME B16.11
Pup pieces available on request.

  Our valves are available in a wide range of metallic materials for both pressure containing components
(body, closure body cover) and pressure controlling components (ball, seat, stem, trim). Here are some
examples of materials available:
  • Carbon Steel (CS)
  • Low Temp. CS
  • Low Alloy Steel (LAS)
  • Martensitic SS
  • Austenitic SS
  • Duplex SS
  • Super Duplex SS
  • Ni Alloys
  • Cu Alloys
  • Ti Alloys
  • Co Alloys
  • Aluminium / Bronze

  API 6A, API 6D, API 6DSS, API 17-D, ASME B16.34, ISO 17292 and other on request.  

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