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  Continuous investment and improvement in computerised systems, integrated machining centres and computer controlled state of the art machine tools, ensure the highest level of component quality in line with our policy of maintaining Orton as a manufacturing centre of excellence.

Orton is equipped with vertical turning and horizontal milling machining capabilities enabling productsion of valves of up to 4000mm. (160") of size.

  Orton is committed to developing and marketing new products based on customer needs.

Orton regularly reviews its product lines and surveys customer requirements and specifications to ensure effective additions to, and strengthening of its product range.

The Research & Development department controls a suite of test facilities, which includes hydraulic, gas, cycle, vacuum, CV loop and cryogenic testing with provision also for prototype manufacturing.

  Our extensive expertise in valve design, together with integrated CAD/CAM systems fully exploit the opportunities for innovative and competetive engineering solutions while ensuring compliance with all relevant standards.

  Prior to shipment all valves are subjected to stringent pressure and tightness tests as well as a full functional test.

Modern inspection equipment and special test facilities have been developed to carry out in house high temperature or cryogenic tests, cycle test, CV test, Torque test or high-pressure test.

  • All valves are internally tested and certified
  • Three vertical test rigs are available, including hydraulic press with up to 600 tons of power.

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