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DB&B - Double block and bleed Ball Valve


  • Trunnion mounted with spring energized seats
  • Soft or metal seated
  • Side Entry or Top Entry design
  • Bi-directional tight shut-off
  • Fire safe and fire tested
  • Low operating torque design
  • End to end dimension up to manufacturer standard
  • Wide range of materials and sizes
  • Anti-blowout stem design
  • Space saving design available on request on certain sizes


Our side entry and top entry DB&B ball valves are bolted construction to allow full replacement of the internal components in case of service. The body structural design is in accordance with the major design codes (e.g. API-6D or API-6A; ASME VIII; ANSI B16.34; ISO 17292; EEMUA 182, etc.). Balls are trunnion mounted to allow easy and reliable operation and low stroking torque under the most extreme service conditions. Ball is supported by self-lubricated bearing to guarantee long lasting maintenance-free performance. All our DB&B valves have a three-piece bolted construction (main centre body with two closures for side entry and with two covers for top entry). The two ball valves within the same body act independently from each other and each of the four seats can be configured (SPE or DPE) to better suit the specific application. The space between the two ball valves is fitted with a needle bleed valve that can be connected to a vent system to safely isolate the downstream side of the DB&B valve. The size and the design of the bleed connection can be modified to suit customer specifications.


  • Low Temperature and cryogenic
  • FPSOs
  • Offshore platforms

  From -253C to 650C (from -423F to 1200F)  

API 6D / 6DSS: 1/2" through 24"
API 6A / 17D: 1-13/16" - 13-5/8"
Pressure Rating
ANSI Class: 150 - 4500
API Rating: 2000 - 20000 FOR TOP ENTRY
End Connections
ANSI Flanges: ANSI B16.5/ ANSI B16.47 (Series A or B)
API Flanges: API 6A (6B-6BX)/ API 17D (17SS-17SV)
Compact Flanges: NORSOK L-005
Special Flanges: SAE J518C; ISO 6162; ISO 6164 or designed to suit customer specification.
Hubs: All major hub end design available
Welding Ends: Butt or Socket Welding Ends with or without pup pieces
Threaded Ends: NPT or AUTOCLAVE©

  Our valves are available in a wide range of metallic materials for both pressure containing components
(body, closure body cover) and pressure controlling components (ball, seat, stem, trim). Here are some
examples of materials available:
  • Carbon Steel (CS)
  • Low Temp. CS
  • Low Alloy Steel (LAS)
  • Martensitic SS
  • Austenitic SS
  • Duplex SS
  • Super Duplex SS
  • Ni Alloys
  • Cu Alloys
  • Ti Alloys
  • Co Alloys
  • Aluminium / Bronze

  API-6D or API-6A; ASME VIII; ANSI B16.34; ISO 17292; EEMUA 182 and others on request.  

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