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  IMI TRUFLO ITALY (legal entity Truflo Rona S.r.l.) and IMI ORTON (legal entity Orton S.r.l.) are glad to inform you of an upcoming change to our organizational structure.   01/01/2021  
  As part of our commercial strategy, and envisioning IMI Critical Engineering's purpose "Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World", IMI TRUFLO ITALY and IMI ORTON will merge into a unique legal entity starting from 1st January 2021: Orton S.r.l.;

The merger of the two Companies will enhance our personnel expertise and product portfolio to the market, allowing us to become a reference point of competence in the manufacturing of ball and butterfly valves.

The consolidation allows us to simplify our Company structure and is part of our commercial strategy to align our businesses and operate as one organization within IMI Critical Engineering Division.

Both plants will remain in their current location without changes in organization and structure. There is no impact to the valve design, quality management system, and manufacturing process, as well as the product brands, which remain IMI ORTON and IMI TRUFLO ITALY.



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Orton s.r.l. with sole shareholder - Registered office: Via Larga 6, 20122 - Milano - Italy
E-mail: - Web:
Office and factory: Via Dei Bazachi 50, 29121 Piacenza, Italy & Via Grilli 2/A, 29010 San Nicolò di Rottofreno, Piacenza, Italy
Tel. +39 0523 762511 - Fax. +39 0523 762 512
V.A.T.: IT12595920153 - Italian Fiscal code: 10704920155
Registered at Milano Monza-Brianza Lodi Companies Register with no. 10704920155
Corporate capital fully paid EUR 20,100,000.00
Subject to the management and coordination of IMI Plc.