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  ORTON Gets Approval   04/03/2009  
  After ten months of hard work, ORTON S.r.l. has succesfully completed the latest Prototype TAT (Type Approval Test) for Shell GSI. Twenty-four different TAT tests were performed over last year on different valve sizes and different materials, cycling the valves at extreme temperatures, under cryogenic condition (at -196 Deg.C) and up to very High Temperature (+550 Deg.C). The tests have to be performed to have Orton qualified and authorized to supply the Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Valves MV Series and Rubber Lined Valves DS Series for Pearl Project in Qatar and Houdini Project in Singapore. Tested valves cover a wide range of diameters (from 4" to 60"), different pressure classes from ASME Cl. 150 up to Class 900, and different material as well (Stainless Steel for Cryogenic or High Temperature Service, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Inconel 625), that allow Orton to be qualified for almost its complete range of strategic products. By reaching this important goal of TATs approval, ORTON will be also included in Shell GSI TAMAP list (three stars) as approved sub-supplier for the above type and range of valves.  



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