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  ****** 72” Orton MV Series Butt-Weld Top Entry ****** The Largest Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Valve for Cryogenic application manufactured so far !!   02/04/2009  
  Orton S.r.l. is currently one of the top-ranked and most reliable manufacturers of Triple Eccentric Metal Seated valves for cryogenic service. The range of production can be classified as the widest size-wise and class-wise on a worldwide basis, and more and more as the most technically advanced cryogenic valve product line available in the valve market. Orton S.r.l. expertise attitude and proven capabilities are firm evidences since 40 years, with massive presence of their top performing products installed in the most important LNG plants. As of today, this Orton S.r.l. massive valve represents a clear example of the giant steps moved forward from Orton S.r.l. in the last years in the gotha of the valve business, result of continous and enthusiastic research and very unique and qualified teamwork among Engineering, Production, Quality and Sales departments. Below picture is showing the imperious 72” Triple Eccentric Metals Seated valves for Emergency Shut Down cryogenic service isolation with body in Butt-Weld configuration provided with a top-entry inspection port for maintenance purpose, proudly supplied to esteemed Customer Peru LNG just behind Orton Sales and Marketing team.  



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